This is no joke. 7 important Qs & As.


My inaugural class of I Am Ready for $100K is progressing right on through, and it is so much fun to blueprint and feel into the right-sized numbers, my ladies. (I hope y’all realize I’m taking you on a numbers journey this year!).

Now, let me say this about those in the program: They are awesome and I could brag on them all day! I have women developing new, high-profit revenue streams for their existing companies and others working to hit their next-level milestones—getting ever closer to their first six-figure years.

I also have a nice little stream of other women who reach out to ask me questions around money, business, and time management quite frequently. I’ve noticed a pattern that, especially if related to numbers, I usually get the questions.

Here are 7 Qs and accompanying As that have come up lately, both from my current group as well as from my expanded network.

Q: How do I move forward when I feel stuck or confused in my business?
A: This answer is easy and comes from Oprah. Simply ask yourself, what is my next right step? Then, whatever the answer is, don’t question it. Do it.

Q: How many hours a week do you work?
A: 40. When I started this website, I thought I wanted a lifestyle business and it was called Two Hours Daily. I had dreams of being the female version of Tim Ferris. What happened was that I realized that, while I did what I set out to do, a couple of hours a day wasn’t totally fulfilling me nor was it stretching me…actually it was stressing me.

I love work. Something that I’m just now embracing about myself.

It soothes and motivates me.

And, as long as I keep it in balance, it grows and energizes me too. I also realized that really, truly, I want a deep, abiding, and sustainable company (actually, a few) more than I want a lifestyle business.

And that, my friends, requires good old-fashioned work. 😉

Q: I feel called to something bigger, but I am not sure where to start.
A: My best insight here is to know that your calling will almost inevitably change from where you start. You can see from my answer above that when I first set out, I thought I would be teaching women how to build lifestyle businesses. I know the ingredients that go into it, how to build it, how to talk about it; however, what I discovered was that I wanted to address bigger things and invest more time into my impact.

The red thread, for me, will likely always be transformative business guidance, but my focus has and will likely change.

Right now, for example, I’m passionate about women getting clear on their soul-aligned numbers (revenue, profit, time it will take to build, margins, etc.), but I know there will be new chapters for me to focus on as time goes on. Trust the evolution. And start at wherever you feel your very next baby next step is. Trust THAT.

Q: I’m 34 and have been in business for two years, but we’re not making

[XYZ] amount yet.
A: Back that train up my friend. As my mentor, Jen Kem says, do not confuse your business age with your physical age. The two are totally different. Remember, it takes years to be an overnight success. In fact, often about a decade.

Q: How do I tap into my intuition for my business?
A: I have a definite spiritual practice around my business (God is my CEO, for sure), and I think everyone should develop their own based on what calls to them.

But to stoke the creative fires, here are a few things that I do to tap in fastest and move my business in ways I just couldn’t possibly do without:

  • I pray at the start and end of each day…on my knees and addressing God.
  • I take about 30 to 60 minutes each morning to read scriptures, write inspiration, and talk to God and angels.
  • I say a few mantras daily, depending on what I’m working on and what I need.
  • I begin each work day with another prayer (there’s a lot of praying around these parts!) for our work as a team and the prosperity of our clients.
  • I’ve started lighting a specific candle for the workday (mostly just because it’s soothing).
  • I do the work! Deep, focused, guided, one-task-at-a-time kind of work.
  • I move! I start each day with a little workout, do a few minutes of Hula Hoop at noon, and aim for a good yoga session several times per week.
  • I try to make as much of my week as I can into a routine or ritual that I love—so much inspiration comes through in my day-to-day as I’m just enjoying life.
  • I try to end each day with a closing ritual where I blow out my candle, give gratitude, and try to get outside to walk (usually with the pups).

These simple little things make all the difference for me and my company.

Q: How do you work?
A: I love this question because this past year as been such a shift and awakening for me in how I like to work.

I’m very much an INFJ, if you know Myers Briggs. Which means, I get very “in the zone” when I sit down to process through my tasks. Therefore, I work best without noise, with one tab open, with lots and lots of spreadsheets, and on one task at a time. I believe this particular shift—from being a forced P to a fully embraced J—accounts for the huge growth my agency has experienced over the last many months. I’ll write more about this soon, as it’s a topic of constant conversation now in my circles, but for now, I leave you with this:

Learn your type and lean into it as much as possible. Trust me, it will change your life.

Q: How do I know what my revenue/income goal number should be?
A: That’s a whole thing. Not to leave you with a cliffhanger (#sorrynotsorry), but I’ll send a good exercise for this in my next email! Hint: you’ve got the answer within.

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