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My promise to you: why every e-mail from me will be worth $10K

My promise to you: why every e-mail from me will be worth $10K

I took a course from my first high-level mentor a couple of years ago.

Two modules in—on a Q&A call—she said one sentence that completely shifted how I feel about time.

I’ll share it here with you, too, because it was that good…and that valuable.

She said, “Not even half your time is meant to be productive.”


For me, as a stressed out business bunny growing my company, it made all the difference.

That was the last time I ever logged in to that particular course. I felt complete.
I knew I already got what I came for.

$1,000 for one sentence.

I felt great about that investment. In fact, that simple one-liner has radically adjusted how I do business and live life. And, as it turns out, it was worth a lot more than $1K.

When I was dreaming up how I could most impact your year and your numbers, I realized that I wanted to commit to you something a little extra special. (On a related note, I hope you’re seeing that I’m all about the numbers lately…but stay with me, in a way that may surprise you.)

Here it is:

Every time I send you an e-mail or invitation, you have my promise that it has the potential to generate $10K (or more!) in value to you.

Now, how’s that for fun?

Because, honestly, if numbers aren’t fun for you yet, they will be by the time we’re done together (which, spoiler alert!, may be never).

Take beautiful care,


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Are You Ready? Let’s Go!


Ladies, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Are you ready for laser focused coaching?

A growth spurt in your business?

More ease and grace?

My program, I’m Ready for 100K, has its doors open and is ready for you.

It’s 1:1 coaching, action-provoking follow up, solutions to your biggest challenges, and a deep reconnection to your intuition and God Given Blueprint.

Are you ready? You’ll know if you’re being called to it. Catch more details hereYou’ll know. The deadline is January 31st.



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I’m Ready for $100K Deets


Thank you to those who have reached out asking for more details!

I Am Ready for $100K

…is meant for those who are ready to up-level.

Whatever that may be.

I’m saying $100K but really it’s whatever number your soul is calling in to you. Why do I say that? Because the journey to $50K is as much of an adventure and roller coaster ride as the journey to $1M and we all need guidance every step of the way. And, word to the wise, it’s honestly more about YOUR growth and learning the lessons at each growth point than it is about your bottom line. At least, if you’re doing it in a graceful + loving + feminine way.

I’m an honest coach with a knack for seeing what you’re missing about yourself and your business. I have a gift for going deep and helping you to discover the core of your business and what you’re here to do and how and who you’ve signed up to serve. I’m more about unlocking your own God Given Blueprint and letting your intuition lead than I am about telling you how you have to do things (though I’ve got mega solutions and ideas up my sleeve to share, when needed).

I guide. (Trust me, we all need a guide. You’ll arrive so much faster when you’re guided.)

I see your full potential—even within all of your unique circumstances—and I invite you into it.

I don’t present a business model you should adapt (though I may present to you parts of your business model that you’re missing). I help you dig into your soul’s calling to find out exactly how you should be running your biz+life.

Here’s what I’m Ready for $100K is:

  • A 90-Minute Deep Dive with me within the first two weeks of signing up to review your plan for 2016, pinpoint and address your biggest challenges, and set aligned goals for the our 90 days together.
  • Every other week 1:1 coaching with me (or perhaps with a guest coach when needed), 50-minute sessions.
  • One group energy clearing by my dear friend and energy worker Danielle. It’s P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L.
  • One group call each month (tentative).

The program runs February 15th to May 15th (Deep Dives will be scheduled before start date)

Deadline to join: January 30, 2016

Investment: 275/month for three months

The goal of the program is simply to help you step more deeply into the life to which you’re called. You’ll know if this is for you. If it is, please respond below and we’ll set up a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss any questions you may have. I’ll be sending those who sign up before January 21st the Rituals for Living Dreambook.

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2015 was…epic. Here are my lessons learned.

010616-image-1In Bali for a mastermind retreat.

#1: First and foremost.


This is my biggest takeaway from this year. Hands down. Hence the caps.

Let me explain.

Among my new clients this year (p.s. new website coming soon for my agency) I got to bring on New York Times bestselling authors, some very well known entrepreneurs, and acclaimed medical spas and wellness centers. In working so closely with many I admire so much, I learned that biz+life get pretty messy if you don’t fully embrace the lessons at every level of growth and up-leveling.

*Insider’s secret: it’s more about your lessons than it is about the money. Another way to say it: let your growth lead. The coins will follow.*

#2: Play. Relax. Read. Nap. Lie in the sun. Dance. Whatever makes you happy.

As my mentor Nisha Moodley says, her entire business shifted when she started treating her life like a plant and watering it regularly.

Listen, this is important, you get to set up your life, your schedule, your business, your self-care, your routines (please tell me you have routines!), your everything just how you want it. It requires a bit of effort and some foresight, but you really, truly get to do that for yourself.

So, do it.

Lay it out on paper.

Schedule it into your calendar.

And begin living it. It may take some time, heck it may take an entire year, to get it all set, but it will definitely be worth the effort.

#3: Guidance at every step in the journey is critical.

010616-image-2With my mastermind sisters on Maui.

You’ve heard this one and a million ways. I’ll just confirm it’s truth and add this thought: if athletes (amaetur and pro), entertainers, and executives need coaching, so do you. So do I. Plain and simple.

#4: The clearer your vision, the faster you cruise.

If you’ve got a laser clear picture of where you’re headed, it’s much easier to get on the road and cruise towards it. Your lessons become easier to embrace, (“Ahhh yes, okay, I need to master this thing before I’m able to progress to the next stage.”) and your setbacks won’t seem quite as large…in fact, they might just seem like part of the big picture—in fact, they often are.

#5: The best way to get clear is to ask God.

*Prayer is the most direct way to do that.*

::: Very soon, I’ll introduce my first organized 1:1 + group coaching program called I AM READY FOR $100K. It’s the only program I’ll be offering this year. Feel into it. If it calls to you, let me know and stay tuned for the details. I don’t believe in fixing anything. I believe in reminding you of and occasionally leading you into the life you’re already called to live. If it doesn’t call to you now, no worries. But my plea to every entrepreneur and small business owner remains: Get supported. Get mentored. Get surrounded by your angels. It makes all the difference. :::

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Lessons from 2015


I’m writing to you during the busiest time of my year, and likely yours as well. However, when something big happens, positive or negative, no matter how busy I find myself, I am compelled to stop, think, document, and share. After all, it’s during these times we learn the most about ourselves, our goals, and how we can grow.

A project crises consumed my entire day yesterday. It contained a fast moving lesson that was way less than fun while buried in the midst of it, yet provided so many lessons on the outset that I will take and apply immediately to improve my company. It was also a nice slice of humility pie and a reminder to be grateful when things are working well.

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we all find ourselves on a twisting winding journey with many highs and many lows. This year, as I’ve scaled my company, I’ve become well acquainted with that road. In order to embrace the full journey of entrepreneurship, you must learn to receive the low points and their accompanying lessons as well as you receive the high points and their accompanying rewards.

​And, this year.

What a journey.

I was part of a nine-month mastermind that changed the course of my business.

Monthly revenue to my company has just about tripled.

We’ve gone from a small and extremely talented team of professionals supporting me as the primary worker bee to an organized, full-service agency for the spa, wellness, and beauty industries. As we serve our clients, we’re also undertaking some of our own serious behind-the-scenes rebranding, restructuring, and relaunching (Q1 of next year!) ​and​ it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin.

My quietly launched coaching practice has stayed as full as I’ve wanted it to be, and my conversations with my new business friends have run deep.

I’ve spent more time in the sun. I’ve gone vegan. And I’m down on my yoga mat more regularly.

It’s been, in short, a giant year for our little family of two (the hubs and I) + two pups.

And I want to tell you more about it. All about it, actually. For the next several weeks, as I reflect on everything that has happened, I’ll be writing it all out and sharing it with you, too.

The one thing I want to share right now is this: you can’t do it alone.

I’m such a believer in prayer with my Creator (first and foremost), mentorship (I worked with a high-level mentor last year and I’m working with one, specifically for my marketing agency, again this upcoming year), healers (I have my two energy workers on speed dial), self-care resources (shout out to my massage therapists, facialists, and reiki practitioner), and team of angels. This year, next year, and 10 years from now would be impossible without that support.

And having that support has called me into being that support.

Early next year, I’m introducing my first organized 1:1 + group coaching program called I AM READY FOR $100K. Feel into it. If it calls to you, let me know and stay tuned for the details. I don’t believe in fixing anything. I believe in reminding you of and occasionally leading you into the life you’re already called to live. If it doesn’t call to you now, no worries. But my plea to every entrepreneur and small business owner remains: Get supported. Get mentored. Get surrounded by your angels. It makes all the difference.

More soon as I get it all on digital paper, but, for now, may you be happy during this beautiful holiday season.



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Ask yourself this:

What is the work that I do in my sleep?

Do you spend time with friends and family?

Heal relationships?

Visit new places?

Build your future?

Make sales?

I’ve been thinking about this ever since two events:

  1. In reading Feeling is the Secret by Neville Goddard several months ago, I learned more about sleep than I ever knew. Here’s the top line: Sleep is as important and potentially even more precious than your waking hours when it comes to creating your life. Your life originates from your subconscious, and the primary time for your subconscious to get busy and get to work is when you’re asleep. Your waking hours are for creating everything that your subconscious has already blueprinted out. I’ve since begun to treat sleep as treasured, valuable time (versus an inconvenience) and it’s been incredible to see how much faster and more in sync everything is.

I love these three quotes:

“The waking two-thirds of your life on earth ever corroborates or bears witness to your subconscious impressions. The actions and events of the day are effects; they are not causes. Free will is only freedom of choice.”

“You will rise believing that you are a free agent, not realizing that every action and event of the day is predetermined by your concept of self as you fell asleep. Your only freedom, then, is your freedom of reaction. You are free to choose how you feel and react to the day’s drama, but the drama—the actions, events and circumstances of the day—have already been determined.”

“Sleep is the door into heaven. What you take in as a feeling you bring out as a condition, action, or object in space. So sleep in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” -Neville Goddard

  1. My friend Katie and I were chit chatting and she casually mentioned that she happens to do a lot of her work in her sleep.

Her story is incredible: She’s building an amazing community (of which I am now part), for both coaches and those being coached, and is recovering from a tough health situation. Her business has been built almost entirely during limited moments of energy and she has inspired hundreds in the process. PSA: You can do anything that you truly desire.

Katie happened to mention to me that because of her health challenges, she’s had to do a lot of her work while she sleeps—everything from relationship building to business development.

There you have it. My challenge to you, this month, is to get to bed 15 minutes earlier than normal and fall asleep meditating on and feeling what it is you want to create in life. A loving home, amazing relationship, vibrant health, great friends, happy children, good puppy dogs, and abundant career or business are all game here. Then let your subconscious get to work. Try it out for a couple of weeks and see what a difference it makes. Then e-mail me and share your thoughts or reflections on this exercise

Sweeeeeet dreams!

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