My promise to you: why every e-mail from me will be worth $10K

My promise to you: why every e-mail from me will be worth $10K

I took a course from my first high-level mentor a couple of years ago.

Two modules in—on a Q&A call—she said one sentence that completely shifted how I feel about time.

I’ll share it here with you, too, because it was that good…and that valuable.

She said, “Not even half your time is meant to be productive.”


For me, as a stressed out business bunny growing my company, it made all the difference.

That was the last time I ever logged in to that particular course. I felt complete.
I knew I already got what I came for.

$1,000 for one sentence.

I felt great about that investment. In fact, that simple one-liner has radically adjusted how I do business and live life. And, as it turns out, it was worth a lot more than $1K.

When I was dreaming up how I could most impact your year and your numbers, I realized that I wanted to commit to you something a little extra special. (On a related note, I hope you’re seeing that I’m all about the numbers lately…but stay with me, in a way that may surprise you.)

Here it is:

Every time I send you an e-mail or invitation, you have my promise that it has the potential to generate $10K (or more!) in value to you.

Now, how’s that for fun?

Because, honestly, if numbers aren’t fun for you yet, they will be by the time we’re done together (which, spoiler alert!, may be never).

Take beautiful care,


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