I’m Ready for $100K Deets


Thank you to those who have reached out asking for more details!

I Am Ready for $100K

…is meant for those who are ready to up-level.

Whatever that may be.

I’m saying $100K but really it’s whatever number your soul is calling in to you. Why do I say that? Because the journey to $50K is as much of an adventure and roller coaster ride as the journey to $1M and we all need guidance every step of the way. And, word to the wise, it’s honestly more about YOUR growth and learning the lessons at each growth point than it is about your bottom line. At least, if you’re doing it in a graceful + loving + feminine way.

I’m an honest coach with a knack for seeing what you’re missing about yourself and your business. I have a gift for going deep and helping you to discover the core of your business and what you’re here to do and how and who you’ve signed up to serve. I’m more about unlocking your own God Given Blueprint and letting your intuition lead than I am about telling you how you have to do things (though I’ve got mega solutions and ideas up my sleeve to share, when needed).

I guide. (Trust me, we all need a guide. You’ll arrive so much faster when you’re guided.)

I see your full potential—even within all of your unique circumstances—and I invite you into it.

I don’t present a business model you should adapt (though I may present to you parts of your business model that you’re missing). I help you dig into your soul’s calling to find out exactly how you should be running your biz+life.

Here’s what I’m Ready for $100K is:

  • A 90-Minute Deep Dive with me within the first two weeks of signing up to review your plan for 2016, pinpoint and address your biggest challenges, and set aligned goals for the our 90 days together.
  • Every other week 1:1 coaching with me (or perhaps with a guest coach when needed), 50-minute sessions.
  • One group energy clearing by my dear friend and energy worker Danielle. It’s P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L.
  • One group call each month (tentative).

The program runs February 15th to May 15th (Deep Dives will be scheduled before start date)

Deadline to join: January 30, 2016

Investment: 275/month for three months

The goal of the program is simply to help you step more deeply into the life to which you’re called. You’ll know if this is for you. If it is, please respond below and we’ll set up a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss any questions you may have. I’ll be sending those who sign up before January 21st the Rituals for Living Dreambook.

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