The Entrepreneur’s Path or a Salaried Job

Some women amaze me in their ability to seamlessly transition between being their own boss to working for a boss and then back again.

I recently talked to one of the amazing women in my mastermind group about her newest craving to get back into the corporate scene at an upper management level in event planning. Though her solo work has brought her some amazing gigs, she presented a great case for a salary and fun co-workers.

Since I’ve heard  women struggle as they choose between the two (vastly different) worlds, with my friend’s permission, I’m sharing her insight on why a job just suits her life better right now. Following is a look at the other side of the coin:

“A little more background: I’m 37 years-old, in a great relationship, and not planning on having children. I’m savvy and have lots of energy to offer the right high-end, reputable company.

I have worked in, and enjoyed both sides–the corporate world and entrepreneurialism–but right now I want to get back into corporate and on the career path to be a senior executive. The economy is on an upswing so right now is perfect timing for me.

I may stay at the right company or eventually re-start my own business, but most importantly, I want to get back to working with those larger brands with great budgets and get in the right rooms with the right people.”

“Here is why this is important to me right now:

::Cash money, honey! At this point in my life I would be happier and feel less stressed with a consistent paycheck.

::Benefits. They are worth a lot more than you think and paying out of pocket is pricey.

::Camaraderie. Working with a team is appealing. As is being mentored and groomed for growth by a director, managing and mentoring my own team, and teaching and inspiring juniors. Generation Y is so different than us in X, so that has its challenges and learning opportunities.

::Depth of reach. It would be easier to expand my network, knowledge, and skills within a large company.

::Opportunities to grow and earn. With the right position, you have a salary, bonus, stock options, incentives, perks, matching gift programs to charity, travel opportunities–all that jazz.”

There you have it.

And really it comes down to working how you work best.

Was this helpful? Who out there is struggling with the debate between owning your own business and working for another company? Offer your insight in the comments below!

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  1. MoneyMasterMarketer December 18, 2013 at 4:34 pm - Reply

    I am Tara. I am and have been a 6 figure earner in my profession but have an entreprenuerial spirit for several years. I began my business a little over a year ago and left my career to focus on my business. Now I am doing both. It’a a good balance and I feel a great deal of satisfaction that I am able to secure my own future, contribute to the world in a positive manner while still feeling in control of my life.

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