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Hi, my name is Tara Zirker, and I believe that life is full of divine alchemy.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was old enough to bake pastries and sell them to my neighbors (about five-years-old as I remember it.) Always eyeing more growth, I soon added other revenue streams, including greeting card and newspaper routes, a babysitting service with upsells, and a car washing company. I did a stint as a roving teenage reporter and even built an online, email-based cosmetics retail company with the help of Juno, which earned a nice bit of fame for a little gal.

In time, I graduated from neighborhood businesses to blend my love of entrepreneurialism with my passion for writing and marketing.

Et voilà! A marketing agency was born.

Sunbeam Communications is a full-service, results-obsessed, forward-thinking digital marketing agency for some of the coolest brands in the spa and wellness industry. We also create maximum impact for thriving brands and entrepreneurs by offering high-performance services such as Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords, and Funnel Analysis.

My heart is 100% in my work, and our clients are ‘ohana’ to me and my team.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” —Paulo Cohelo

Along the way, I’ve learned that what truly completes me professionally is giving back to other women in business. That’s why each year I undertake a mentorship project, where I focus my full attention on helping women achieve their business dreams. We lock in mindset, lay foundations, set goals and go hard on revenue. My two projects for this year are ‘The 100K Journey’ (out in July 2016) and ‘The 100K Journey’ book.

The rest of the life details are pretty cozy (by design):

♢ I’m in love with my husband.
♢ We live in the DC area.
♢ We travel back and forth to Hawaii a couple times a year.
♢ Our hound, Kira, keeps us company.
♢ We’re expecting our first babe.
♢ I’m a HCLF (mostly) raw vegan.
♢And, most importantly, I believe.

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