2015 was…epic. Here are my lessons learned.

010616-image-1In Bali for a mastermind retreat.

#1: First and foremost.


This is my biggest takeaway from this year. Hands down. Hence the caps.

Let me explain.

Among my new clients this year (p.s. new website coming soon for my agency) I got to bring on New York Times bestselling authors, some very well known entrepreneurs, and acclaimed medical spas and wellness centers. In working so closely with many I admire so much, I learned that biz+life get pretty messy if you don’t fully embrace the lessons at every level of growth and up-leveling.

*Insider’s secret: it’s more about your lessons than it is about the money. Another way to say it: let your growth lead. The coins will follow.*

#2: Play. Relax. Read. Nap. Lie in the sun. Dance. Whatever makes you happy.

As my mentor Nisha Moodley says, her entire business shifted when she started treating her life like a plant and watering it regularly.

Listen, this is important, you get to set up your life, your schedule, your business, your self-care, your routines (please tell me you have routines!), your everything just how you want it. It requires a bit of effort and some foresight, but you really, truly get to do that for yourself.

So, do it.

Lay it out on paper.

Schedule it into your calendar.

And begin living it. It may take some time, heck it may take an entire year, to get it all set, but it will definitely be worth the effort.

#3: Guidance at every step in the journey is critical.

010616-image-2With my mastermind sisters on Maui.

You’ve heard this one and a million ways. I’ll just confirm it’s truth and add this thought: if athletes (amaetur and pro), entertainers, and executives need coaching, so do you. So do I. Plain and simple.

#4: The clearer your vision, the faster you cruise.

If you’ve got a laser clear picture of where you’re headed, it’s much easier to get on the road and cruise towards it. Your lessons become easier to embrace, (“Ahhh yes, okay, I need to master this thing before I’m able to progress to the next stage.”) and your setbacks won’t seem quite as large…in fact, they might just seem like part of the big picture—in fact, they often are.

#5: The best way to get clear is to ask God.

*Prayer is the most direct way to do that.*

::: Very soon, I’ll introduce my first organized 1:1 + group coaching program called I AM READY FOR $100K. It’s the only program I’ll be offering this year. Feel into it. If it calls to you, let me know and stay tuned for the details. I don’t believe in fixing anything. I believe in reminding you of and occasionally leading you into the life you’re already called to live. If it doesn’t call to you now, no worries. But my plea to every entrepreneur and small business owner remains: Get supported. Get mentored. Get surrounded by your angels. It makes all the difference. :::

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